The Ghazi Attack is about the underwater war that was fought between the Indian and Pakistan Naval Forces on the brink of Indo-Pakistan war of 1971. The story revolves around how the Indian Submarine S21 suffered the attack of PNS Ghazi and still survived, shooting down the enemy. Rana Daggubati plays the role of Arjun Varma, Lt. Commander who is aboard S21 along with Captain of the Ship, Ranvijay Singh, (played by Kay Kay Menon) and Executive Officer, Devraj (Atul Kulkarni).

The crew sets off to oversee the seas upon receiving an intelligence of enemy warfare in place. The Pakistan force tries to divert the ship and the crew by blowing up a Merchant Navy ship nearby to where the S21 submarine is cruising. Looking out for survivors, Arjun rescues a small girl and Ananya (played by Taapsee). Taking them aboard, Ranvijay understands the enemy position through sonar and decides to attack the Pakistan ship without any confirmed orders from the authorities. The torpedo narrowly misses the Pakistan submarine, intimating them that the Indians are onto their act. Trying to outsmart them, Pakistan inturn places mines along the path of S21. Ranvijay figures out the situation at the last minute but only with the mine hitting one of the rudders of the submarine and placing the crews’ lives at stake. In the chaos that ensues, Ranvijay dies, protecting Arjun.

Devraj also gets hurt in the blast and is treated back to health by Annaya who is a doctor. But dark times lay ahead for S21 as they sink to the bottom of the sea, almost to 400 meters, which well below the safe zone for the submarine. Using his tact, Arjun propels the ship upwards but finds out that the submarine can only move up and down. Meanwhile, the Pakistan submarine, which so far couldn’t detect the Indian ship through sonar as it was below 300 meters of depth, now gets the signal of the rising vessel. How the Indians use their grit and logic to save themselves from the torpedo shower of Ghazi and how they put their lives at stake to give it all one shot to destroy the enemy machine forms the crux of the story. Arjuna Varma plays a crucial part in firing the torpedo hitting the Pakistan submarine and helping the S21 submarine rise to its freedom.