Goutham Nanda

    Gautam Nanda

    Goutham Nanda is a movie that is based on the thirst for money and what it can do to people. Everybody, everywhere in the world are connected by a single factor, money. The tag-line that comes along with title Goutham Nanda is ‘a journey into the self.’

    The movie kick starts with Gopichand’s stylish introduction and he looks stunning. He is introduced as the son of a rich businessman, a party freak and an alcoholic. The introduction of few other characters follows after Gopichand’s intro song. Catherine Tresa now makes an entry along with Tanikella Bharani. After an interesting conversation, we see a twist in the tale with variations in Gopichand’s character. We then witness the slum lifestyle. Hansika Motwani is a bubbly girl from a basthi in Hyderabad. Naturally, there is a fight scene between Gopichand and a guy who misbehaves with Hansika. This fight obviously leads to a mass song between the lead pair. After a few emotional family scenes post the song, the scene shifts to Bangalore. At this point, there is another twist in the story post which the hero meets with an accident.

    The hero turns out to be fine and the scene again shifts to the basthi in Hyderabad. Gopichand depicts multiple shades in his character after which some interesting facts about the hero are revealed. Gopichand, being Hansika’s Saviour once again fights off some rowdies who are teasing her. He then finds out who is behind the accident and a lot of mysteries unfold at this point, leading to another twist in tale. Catherine Tresa again makes an entry and her role here is very crucial. As usual, there is a fight between the hero and villain towards the end. However, there is a surprise awaiting and to know that, you need the catch the movie on the big screen.