It all begins with parents accusing their daughter of being in love with a boy. The daughter Deepti , who till then does not have any such feelings towards anybody, she then meets Narasimha and wants to turn her parents suspicion into the truth. After living a few days together they get closer and then decide to marry. The boy tells her that he is the youngest of five brothers – all bachelors because their father wanted perfect girls for his sons only after verifying the antecedents of the girls, spanning over ” seven generations that side and seven generations this side.” After his death, the responsibility of the entire family falls on the eldest brother . Giribabu, Chandramohan, Sudhakar and Srinath play the younger brothers. In such a situation can this young pair marry at all is the question. Deepti happens to meet a woman in the neighborhood and narrates her woes. Sarala is tells Deepti what exactly she should do and Deepti exploits the situation at Dasari’s household to her advantage. The end of course culminates in happy marriage.