Family Circus

Subbu (Jagapathi Babu) is a simpleton who works as a manager in a firm. He marries a no-nonsense lady Roja (Roja). All is fine until he decides to adopt his dead sister’s two sons and brings them home. The children are two imps who make his life miserable with their mischief and do not even let him have a proper sobhanam. Roja gives birth to twins who add to their misery with their mischief. Things worsen for Subbu when he and his family buy a house in a locality full of bizarre characters that include a martinet from the army (Kota Srinivasa Rao), a loud-mouthed neighbor (Dharmavarapu) and some demented feminists. But the worst is yet to come. When they plan to rent a portion of their house, a rather peculiar character called Pataudi (Rajendra Prasad), who seems only too happy to offer double the rent, agrees to the deal. Subbu realizes his mistake when Pataudi’s family, which is the most dysfunctional that one can ever imagine, lands up in his house. Pataudi’s son is the Devil himself, and has a passion to usurp anything under the sun. His daughter seems to gulp down any solid or liquid that comes her way. And his wife is a hardcore ‘Telangana’ virago who brings the sky down when somebody scolds her children. To top it all, the wife’s sister falls for Subbu and stalks him day and night. The film very deftly brings out all the travails that Subbu faces due to this family to the point that the viewer actually sympathizes with Subbu amidst the rip-roaring laughter. Every character in this film plays his/her part to the hilt, especially Jagapathi, who gives a stellar performance as the oppressed Subbu.