Ee Abbayi Chala Manchodu

    There is a father (Ajay Ratnam) who believes that love means sharing worldly pleasures with a female (Preethi Nigam). There is a son (Ravi Teja) who thinks that love is sacred and pristine. There is a mother (Sana) who thinks that husband (Benarjee) should be dominated to have a better running of the family and daughter (Vani) who thinks otherwise. Boy’s father says that his son can go with his girl friend and enjoy. Girl’s mother tells her behavior is not right and asks her to leave the house. Boy takes the girl away and stays in a poor house as a common man by working as an office boy and a car driver. He wants to prove to his father that there can be relationships but not just with getting physical. At this juncture, the employer becomes the seductress of her car driver. The rest of the story is about how things go wrong and what does the hero do to prove himself that he is a good boy.