Dongala Mutha

    Ravi Teja and Charmi are on their way to a wedding when their car breaks down all of a sudden. They find a resort in that area; however the resort itself is completely deserted except for three people (Subbaraju, Supreeth and Brahmaji) who seem quite reluctant to have guests at their place. Supreeth lusts for Charmi and lets them stay in the resort which is almost in a dilapidated condition. Ravi Teja, who?s furious and frustrated by the lack of facilities in his HOTEL ROOM, finds himself being threatened by the trio who turn out to be thieves. When he tries to escape from the place along with Charmi, the duo is confronted by Lakshmi Manchu and her assistant Sunil. The rest of the story is about how Ravi Teja and Charmi manage to escape from the resort.