Devadasu (Sudhakar), son of Ravulapalle zamindar Narayana Rao (SVR), and Parvathi (Baby Anuradha), daughter of his not-so-rich neighbour Neelakantham (Doraswamy), are childhood friends. The zamindar enrols his son in a boarding school in the city. The grown-up Devadasu (ANR) returns to the village after his education. His childhood friendship with Parvathi now turns into love. When Parvathi’s grandmother (Surabhi Kamalabai) talks of the alliance, the zamindar spurns the proposal. A peeved Neelakantham vows to bring an even richer son-in-law home and arranges Parvathi’s marriage with the zamindar of Durgapuram (CSR), an elderly widower with children. Parvathi stealthily meets Devadasu and requests him to accept her as his wife. Surprised at her visit, Devadasu sends her away. He goes back to the city and writes to Parvathi that he cannot defy his parents. Parvathi marries the old zamindar. Unable to forget her, Devadasu hits the bottle, encouraged by his friend Bhagawan (Peketi), who also introduces him to a courtesan Chandramukhi (Lalitha). While Parvathi settles in her new house, Devadasu chooses the path of self-destruction. On the advice of Chandramukhi, he leaves for his village, but gets down at Durgapuram to keep a promise he had made to Parvathi that he would visit her before his death. But even before he could meet her, Devadasu breathes his last in front of her house. Parvathi rushes to see him, but the door is closed by family members and she collapses.