The movie is set with a mythology backdrop where the gods kill a demon clan. Andhakasura, the only demon left in the Asura clan and pledges to take revenge on the gods and destroy the mankind. In order to fulfill this, Andhakasura should marry Maheswari, as she she was born in Panchagraha Kutami and kill her after the marriage. Andhakasura impresses Lord Shiva and takes his word that Shiva will not interfere in this marriage. After coming to know that he has a threat from Mallikarjuna, the evil Andhaka kills Mallikarjuna’s family and try to kill Mallikarjuna as well. The rest of the story is about if Andhakasura’s dream comes and how Mallikarjuna saves Maheswari from Andhakasura.