Chennakeshava Reddy

Bharat (Bala Krishna) is a sincere police officer and a playful youngster in Mumbai. A medical college student Preethi (Shriya) falls in love with him. Back in Pulivendula, a statue of Chenna Kesava Reddy is shown. Chenna Kesava Reddy is supposed to be a famous and the most revered man who is missing for the past 22 years. A faction leader Dhanunjay Reddy dominates that area. A sincere police officer (Siva Krishna) is sent to Pulivendula. He irritates Dhanujay Reddy and as a result that police officer is demoted and posted as a jailer in Tihar Central Jail. There he finds Chenna Kesava Reddy, who is clueless about why he is kept in jail. He says that he is surviving to seek revenge on his opponents. Who are his opponents? What is his relationship with the playful cop in Mumbai? Why is his statue erected in Pulivendula? To know the answers, watch this film on a big screen.