Budget Padmanabam

    When he was a young boy, Padmanabhan was driven out of his house along with his parents by an evil-hearted money lender, who gave him a condition: if by a stipulated time period Padmanabhan could raise enough money to buy back the house he could reclaim it as his own.
    In a final twist to the story, after raising the money, Padmanabhan realises that it has been stolen from his motorcycle. In despair he is about to give up and officially hand over the house to the money lender, but then his boss’s son helps him out by providing him the money just in time. The earlier delighted money lender is now shocked at realizing that he must give up the house where his family members have long since settled, and orders his relatives to pack up and leave. He drags his two children out of the house and they burst into tears at the prospect of having to leave because they do not wish to do so. The weeping boys then plead with Padmanabhan to let them stay and promise him that they will buy him a much bigger house when they grow up. Padmanabhan, moved to tears, recalls his own heartbreak at being dragged out of his childhood home and agrees to let the family stay until the children have grown up. This money lender feels guilty that he only arranged for the money to be stolen. He returns the money and asks for Padmanabhan’s forgiveness, having realized the strength of his adversary’s moral character.