Rakshas King Ravana decides to invade Amaravathi, the capital of the heavenly kingdom of Indra. Scared of Ravana’s plans, Indra asks Narada for help. Narada informs Indra that Ravana’s strength comes from the worship performed by Kaikasi, Ravana’s mother. He suggests that Indra sabotage Ravana’s mother’s worship of saikatha lingam, a sand sculpture representation of Lord Siva. Ravana decides to perform penance and bring Lord Siva’s Atma Lingam for his mother to worship. Hearing of Ravana’s plans from Narada, Goddess Parvathi, Lord Siva’s consort, appeals to Lord Vishnu. When Lord Siva appears to Ravana to grant his wish, Lord Vishnu manipulates Ravana’s mind and makes him wish for Goddess Parvathi. As Ravana proceeds home with Goddess Parvathi, Narada meets him midway and tells him that his companion is fake Parvathi. Dejected by the subterfuge, Ravana returns Goddess Parvathi to Lord Siva.During his return journey, he meets Mandodari, the young princess of Pathala. Believing she is the real Goddess Parvathi, he marries her. Eventually, he realizes what happened and appeals to Lord Siva for forgiveness by presenting his severed head. Lord Siva presents Ravana with Atma Lingam and warns him that, if the Atma Lingam ever touches the earth, it can never be moved again. Narada instigates Lord Vinayaka to trick Ravana into grounding the Atma Lingam at what later became known as Gokarna Kshethram in Karnataka.