Bangaram works as a reporter at a news channel. He dreams of getting into an international news channel of BBC and to fulfill this dream of his, he ends up at Peddi Reddy who is a factionist. He needs Peddi’s signature to get his dream fulfilled but in the meantime he gets entangled with Peddi?s daughter Sandhya and Vindhya. Later Bhooma Reddy wins over Peddi’s heart and is able to convince him to marry Sandhya to him. But Sandhya has already got her own love story with Vinay.
    Bangaram feeling guilty about foiling Sandhya’s escape plan and the mean looks from Vindhya, he finally decides to help her by taking her to the city. But then the villains are not too far behind. Later Vinay also loses contact with them because of the confusion caused by a bomb blast. Then Bangaram is able to find Vinay with the help of a driver and his company but just then Bhooma kidnaps Vindhya and blackmails Bangaram that he will marry her if Sandhya is not returned. But he later goes to Bhoooma and is able to save Vindhya and kill Bhooma which forms the climax. In the end it is revealed that, Bangaram finds his own love in a train journey