Badri, whose parents are settled in the USA and his girlfriend Vennela, who is a close family friend. Their parents want these two to tie the knot. One evening Vennala tells Badri that she loves him and finds that Badri doesn?t reciprocate the same. She challenges him that he cannot find anybody who will love him as much as her. Badri takes up the challenge and Vennella shows a beautiful girl.
    Venalla goes to the USA and meanwhile Badri finds out details of that girl, Sarayu. She is the sister of Nanda. After a few days Sarayu expresses her love to Badri and wants to get married. Venella is back and sees the chemistry between the other two and regrets the bet. Badri is also torn between the two.
    Meantime, Vennela is back and can see the chemistry between Sarayu and Badri. She starts regretting the bet with Badri. Badri, too, is torn. Nanda, who is excessively fond of his sister Sarayu, guns for the blood of Badri, as he knows that Badri and Vennela are destined for marriage. Nanda loves his sister and will do anything for his sister. The climax of the movie is gripping and the performance of the actors is outstanding.