Babai Hotel

    Babai Hotel is the story of a man whose kindness makes him the most liked and respected man in his community. Babai is a the owner of a small food joint who works hard to provide for his two motherless children. He makes sure that his children do not face the same adversities that he had faced in his childhood. Everybody loves Babai as he’s always the one to help people in need. A college girl named Swapna comes to his hotel everyday for lunch with her friends. Babai notices that she’s been facing financial troubles off late and he helps her out even without her asking for it. One thing leads to another and Babai misunderstands Swapna’s respect and adoration for affection and love. This misunderstanding causes trouble that can only be resolved by clearing the air. What happens to Babai and Swapna and will Babai find true happiness forms the crux of the story.