Atharintiki Daaredi

    Raghunandan is a rich yet unhappy businessman based in Milan of Italy. He wishes to reconcile with his estranged daughter Sunanda whom he expelled because she married Rajasekhar against his wishes. His grandson Gautham Nanda promises Raghunandan that he would bring her back to their home on his 80th Birthday. Sunanda has 3 Daughters and two of them are Prameela and Sashi. Gautham enters the house as Siddhu, a driver who was appointed after saving Rajasekhar from a Heart stroke. Gautham woos Prameela but fails after he comes to know that Prameela is already in love. Sashi hates Gautham and is suspicious of him and Paddu, his friend and male nurse appointed to take care of Rajasekhar. Sunanda later reveals to Gautham that she is aware of his real identity much before the incidents and warns him to abstain from doing anything with the intention of taking her back to Raghunandan. To save Prameela’s love, Gautham and Paddu go to a village and accidentally Sashi falls into the jeep due to a head injury thus suffering with amnesia. Gautham introduces himself as her lover for the time being and Sashi believes it thus falling for him. The trio go to the venue and Gautham along with Paddu enters the house. They along with the bridegroom escape from there and reach Sunanda’s home after a violent altercation with the family members of the bridegroom where Sashi’s memory is revived. The bride’s father Siddhappa asks for compensation to the hefty damage and Sunanda promises to give Sashi’s hand for Siddhappa’s elder son. To avoid complications, Rajasekhar fires Gautham. Gautham later comes to know that Sashi loved him from the beginning but was hesitant to express her feelings. He later on traps Baddham Bhaskar, a rich NRI staying in Uganda who has a penchant for girls and enters Sunanda’s home as his assistant. Bhaskar falls for Sashi but his attempts are repeatedly thwarted by Gautham. On the day of marriage Sashi elopes with Gautham and is waiting along with him for the train to Chennai. Siddhappa’s men reach the station to stop them only to be trashed by Gautham and his assistants. By the words of his assistants, Sashi comes to know about the real motive of Gautham. Rajasekhar and Sunanda come in fury to shoot Gautham but however Rajasekhar is taken aback after knowing his true identity. Gautham then reveals that the day Sunanda left the house, Raghunandan tried to commit suicide but accidentally kills Gautham’s mother. He says that he chose to love his Grandfather though he killed his mother but Sunanda chose to hate him as he injured Rajasekhar and expelled them. Sunanda and Rajasekhar realize their folly and reconcile with Gautham. Sashi is kidnapped by four henchmen appointed by Bhaskar where she comically narrates the entire story to the henchmen. Gautham and Paddu reach the spot and Sashi reconciles with Gautham. Bhaskar’s wealth are undertaken by The Government of Uganda and he is left with the same amount with which he ran away from Rajasekhar’s house when he assisted him in the past. Raghunandan reconciles with Sunanda and Gautham is unanimously appointed as the CEO of the company thanks to the support of Sunanda and Raghunandan. The film ends with Gautham holding Rahunandan’s hand with affection.