The film starts with a person called Prabhakar crushing himself to death by walking on to a speeding train. He was influenced by some mysterious person’s black magic. As everybody thought that it was a suicide, Vamsy (Ravi Teja) – brother of Prabhakar – believes that it’s a planned murder. Vamsy is in love with his nagging girl friend Bhavana (Radhika Varma). Bhavana is another victim of occult sciences and she gets fits occasionally when she is sleeping. The priest tells Bhavana’s mother that Bhavana is under going trauma created by Black Magic and the solution for this is to get her married to any guy with a matching birth chart. And she would come out of occult influence only when the bridegroom of matching birth chart deflowers her in the first night. Fortunately Vamsy’s birth chart matches with that of Bhavana’s and both of them are wedded now, but their first night gets into trouble due to some problems. Vamsy happens to see a couple of unopened letters addressed to his deceased brother Prabhakar from a watchman of a guesthouse in forest. The watchman warns Prabhakar in those letters to comeback to forest failing to which he would be facing dire consequences. After reading these letters Vamsy and Bhavana embarks on a search (Anveshana). The rest of the story is all about how they chase the mystery.