Kiran is an orphan who is working as an engineer in ONGC. He happens to visit a location of ONGC, which is situated in a village. On his way to that village, he meets a cute girl Bhuvana in the train and gets impressed with her. Even she forms a good opinion about him. Bhuvana is a part of a big joint family. And her father is a kind-hearted guy, who is also a big landlord. Bhuvana’s father asks Kiran if he is willing to marry his daughter Bhuvana. Kiran happily accepts the proposal. It turns out to be the mistake of identities. Bhuvana’s father apologizes for the mistake and informs Kiran that marriage is not going to happen. It is also learnt that the elder daughter in the family dies because of the negligence by her husband. The entire family hates him. Kiran comes to know about it and rest of the movie is how Kiran unites the family and wins the hearts of everybody.