Abhimanyu is a remake of Kannada movie ?Abhi? and it is a Romantic movie. Abhimanyu is a college student and his mother Janaki is physically handicapped . Jaleel Khan is a landlord at Cudappah, who hates the word called love. Sairabanu is his daughter who wants to continue studying in Hyderabad. Jaleel Khan is not okay with the idea but anyway sends her with clear instructions that she has to only study there. Sairabanu with her guardians – rents a place which is in the first floor of Abhiram’s house. Sairabanu & Abhimanyu’s introduction starts with teasing and slowly the forbidden thing happen. They fall in love. And Jaleel Khan comes to know about it and takes his daughter back to Cudappah. The rest of the story is all about finding the connection between the two families.