1 – Nenokkadine

    Gautham (Mahesh Babu) is a rockstar with a troubled childhood. He witnesses the gruesome murder of his parents, but he has clear memory of how they look or where they lived. He keeps experiencing strange events and believes that people are out to kill him. But those around him fail to notice any of the events. A journalist named Sameera (Kriti Sanon) enters Gautham’s life and fall in love with him. Gautham sets out to seek answers to all the questions tormenting him and Sameera joins him in this endeavour. The search takes them to Goa, Northern Ireland and London. He discovers that some powerful opponents are out to get him. He also learns some shocking truths about his parents and discovers the motive behind their murder, which is the invention of a new rice breed. Finally Gautham finishes the bad guys and dedicate the breed to the nation, forms the story of ‘1 – Nenokkadine’.