Gaali Sampath Telugu Movie Review

Gaali Sampath Telugu Movie Review

Veteran actor Rajendra Prasad and Sree Vishnu, are teaming up for an upcoming Telugu film titled, Gaali Sampath.  The film is directed by Anish Krishna and presented by filmmaker Anil Ravipudi, who also stepped up into the role of a direction supervisor.  Sree Vishnu and Rajendra Prasad would portray a never seen before emotion between a father and a son.  Rajendra Prasad will also be seen playing the role of a character who is not able to speak except for using the sound fi in different modulations to convey his thoughts.

Movie Name – Gaali Sampath (Telugu)

Movie Details.
Movie: Gaali Sampath
Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Sree Vishnu, Lovely Singh, Sathya, Thanikella Bharani
Director: Anish Krishna
Presenter: Anil Ravipudi
Story: S. Krishna
Producers: Sahu Garapati, Harish Peddi, S Krishna
Screenplay: Anil Ravipudi
DOP: Sai Sriram
Music: Achu
Art: AS Prakash
Banners: Shine Screens & ImageSpark Entertainment

Gaali Sampath is a speech impaired man who can only converse by making the sounds fi fi and fa fa.  Sampath dreams of becoming an artist even though he cannot talk properly.  Suri, the son of Gaali Sampath, is a truck driver who dreams of saving enough money to buy his own truck.  Suri is determined to make his dreams into reality while Gaali Sampath is often misunderstood and falls into trouble with the villagers.  This does not sit well with Suri who feels Gaali Sampath’s misadventures are impeding him from chasing his dreams.  A confrontation between the father-son duo ensues with dire consequences.  How Sampath and Suri deal with the emotions behind the confrontation forms for the rest of the story.

Rajendra Prasad is the show stopper as he delivers a flawless acting performance once again.  By playing the role of a speech impaired man and also depicting the strong emotions behind the helplessness of a mute man stuck in a deep pit, Rajendra Prasad makes acting look easy.  Sree Vishnu on the other hand once again chose a perfect script to display his talents.  Sree Vishnu as Suri delivers a commendable performance as an aspiring son who gets into a confrontation with his father.  Vishnu was especially great in scenes which involve Suri reflecting on his conflicted emotions about Gaali Sampath.  Comedian Satya does a great job as a supporting actor and his comic timing will once again be praised by critics, thereby making Gaali Sampath another feather in the actor’s cap.

A special mention needs to be made for Music Director Achu Rajamani.  Since the scenes involving Gaali Sampath stuck in a ditch could only be explained with the background music considering Sampath is speech impaired, Achu Rajamani stepped up and delivered an intense background score.  The music would definitely move the audience and would connect with Gaali Sampath’s anguish.  Director Anish Krishna who is making his debut with Gaali Sampath, could not have asked for a better story to make an entry into Tollywood.

Gaali Sampath is a blend of love, angst, comedy and survival.  Head out to the movie theaters to watch some great acting performances and a unique story told in a gripping manner!


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