B Vitalacharya (January 18, 1920 -May 28, 1999), the most famous filmmakers of India in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada cinema. A celluloid visionary drove his audiences crazy with visual illusions in his folklore movies. In an era when everything had to be done on film, Vittalacharya dreamed big and broke new ground with his camera tricks, clever lighting and sets to create unprecedented visual effects in India. Vittalacharya brand was a huge draw in its days, which is somewhere in the 70s and 80s with his own brand of movies and boosted the folklore genre when the Indian cinema was marching towards Social dramas.

He was fondly called as the “Janapadha Brahma”. An avid fan of “Chandamama” stories, Vitalacharya weaved stories out of these books and audiences were enraptured by his out of belief magics on screen.

Some of Vitalacharya’s famous movies include Jaya Vijaya, Pidugu Ramudu, Aggi Pidugu, Guruvinu Minchina Shishyudu, Aggi Veerudu, Alibaba 40 Dongalu and Jaganmohini.