Vikram (Kennedy John Victor)

Vikram (born as Kennedy John Victor) is an Indian film actor mostly appearing in Tamil movies. Being inspired by his father, who was a small-time actor in Tamil Cinema and TV serials, Vikram started the career as a mode after his MBA. After doing several commercial ads, Vikram made his debut as hero with En Kadhal Kanmani, a commercial dud followed by few debacles.

He played the second fiddle to Ajith and Mammootty and appeared in supporting roles in Telugu movies for nearly a decade before his career took off. It was Bala’s Sethu that is said to be the career-changing movie of Vikram in which he plays the nefarious college youth turned lover who ends up in the mental asylum. The film not only turned out to be a commercial success but also won him several awards apart from the critical acclaim.

The success streak continued with films like, Gemini, Saamy, Dhool, Pithamagan and Anniyan. His role of grave-digger in Pithamagan won him the National Award for the Best Actor. Apart from winning several awards for his stellar performances, Vikram has been honored with the honorary doctorate by the People’s University of Milan in 2011.