Vijaya Shanthi

    Vijayashanthi is a veteran actress and former politician. Vijaya Shanthi was one of the top heroines during the 80s till the mid-90s. She was so popular that her remuneration was on par with the leading heroes of that time. She was able to pull the entire movie on herself and was fondly called as “Lady Superstar” and “Lady Amitabh”. Vijaya Shanthi is one of those rarest heroines who pulled lady-oriented movies and commercial movies parallel.

    Born as “Shanti” but was later changed as “Vijaya Shanti” based on her aunt “Vijaya Lalitha”, a former actress. Vijaya Shanthi made her debut with the Tamil flick “Kallukki Eeram” and “Khiladi Krishnudu” in Telugu.

    After doing the roles of a sister in few movies like “Satyam Shivam” and “Sri Ranga Neethulu”, Vijaya Shanthi’s fame began with T Krishna’s “Neti Bharatam” followed by commercial block busters like “Sangharshana”, “Devanthakudu”, “Challenge” and many more to follow. Her pairing with Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna had resulted in many blockbusters during the 80s and 90s and soon Vijaya Shanthi became the reigning queen of Box office in Telugu.

    Apart from being a part of commercial cinema, Vijaya Shanthi featured in off beat films like “Prathighatana”, “Repati Pourulu” and “Karthavyam” which won her legion of awards and critical acclaim apart from box-office success. Post, her tenure as the heroine, Vijaya Shanthi took a break from films and was associated with several political parties.