Vennelakanti (Vennelakanti Rajeswara Prasad)

Vennelakanti aka Vennelakanti Rajeswara Prasad is one of the most renowned lyricists and writers in Telugu films. He is a specialist for dubbed movies from Tamil to Telugu.

Vennelakanti’s elder Shashank Vennelakanti is a popular dialogue writer and dubbing artist and his younger son Rakendu Mouli started the career as lyricist with “Andala Rakshashi” and is all set to turn hero with “Moodu Mukkallo Cheppalante”.

Some of the well-known movies Vennelakanti as a lyricist are “Raaj”, “Aditya 369”, “Samarasimha Reddy”, “Seenu”, “Criminal” and “Takkari Donga”.