Vanisri (Ratnakumari) is an Indian film actress primarily working in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada cinema. The actress originally Ratnakumari was rechristened as Vanisri by veteran actor SV Ranga Rao after his home banner “Sri Vani films”.

    Vanisri began her career as an actress in supporting roles and rose to fame as the top heroine during the late 60s and 70s. Vanisri marked her debut with NTR’s Bhisma in a minor role and appeared in minor roles for few years before becoming one of the top most heroines in Telugu films.

    Vanisri was a sensation in herself. An explosive persona who would rattle off those deep intense lines like a walk in the park. Vanisri was the a true respite to Telugu Cinema. Vanisri was a brand. A reputation that Telugu people gauged while estimating the standards of films made those days. Her pairing with ANR delivered some of the biggest blockbusters in Telugu cinema.

    Some of Vanisri’s popular movies include Dasara Bullodu, Premangar, Rangula Ratnam, Aradhana, Vichitra Bandham, Pavithra Bandham, Athaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu, Bobbilli Raja, Allari Alludu and Peddinti Alludu.