Vamsy (Nallamilli Bamireddy)

Vamsy aka Nallamill Bamireddya is an Indian film director who predominantly works in Telugu cinema. Vamsy is considered as one of the finest directors in Telugu with a distinct identity of his own who tries to bring in the Telugu nativity in films. He brought the suaveness and the coolness of Godavari dialect in almost all his movies which found a widespread acceptance among the audience. Vamsy is one of the rare directors who can imbue each character with the right emotions, body language, dialogue delivery and mannerisms to enhance the film as a whole.

A prolific writer, Vamsy began his career as an assistant to legendary director K Vishwanath for “Shankarabharanam” movie before wielding the megaphone with “Manchupallaki”. His second movie “Sitara ” based on the novel “Mahal lo Kokila” not only won the National Award for the Best feature film but catapulted him to stardom. In an age where there is a cut-throat competition and name and fame are evanescent, Vamsy is that rare director who continues to be a marquee draw even after 30 years in showbiz.

Though comedy was his forte, Vamsy diversified with different genres like “Maharshi” in which the Hero plays and Unrequited lover and thriller “Anveshana”. Some of the best films of Vamsy are “Ladies Tailor”, “April 1 Vidudala”, “Maharshi”, “Aalapana” and “Chettukinda Pleader” which would forever remain in the annals of Telugu Cinema.