Upendra is a sensational director and actor of Kannada Cinema who is equally famous to the Telugu audience through his dubbed movies. All his films never cease trigger curiosity for the peculiar themes and titles he chooses. None of his films are soft and subdued but they are more loud, violent and beyond the borders of extremity.

    Upendra was drawn towards the Cinema during his college days and joined as an assistant in the direction department to Kashinath while he was still in final year. After gaining enough knowledge in film making, Upendra marked his debut as director with “Tharle Nan Maga” (1992) followed by “Shhh!”, a horror-thriller and still is considered as the best horror-thriller in Kannada cinema.

    However, it was “Om” (1995) with Shiv Rajkumar that exposed the Bangalore’s underworld. The movies success made Upendra an indisputable director and has achieved cult following. In the year 1998, Upendra directed “A”, through this film, he made a successful transition from director to hero. Apart from being an actor, writer and director, Upendra holds the highest number of endorsements among the Kannada actors.