Uday Kiran

    Uday Kiran was a Tollywood Actor who started his film career at the age of just 19 with romantic-drama Chitram and he was one of those few rare actors who delivered hat-trick hits with his first 3 films Chitram, Nuvvu-Nenu and Manasantha Nuvve, all of these 3 movies ran over 150 days.

    Uday Kiran’s rise and shine as a star hero in a lesser span is no less than a meteoric rise. In no time, Uday Kiran has become the chocolate boy of Telugu Cinema and he was praised to skies. With success following one after other, the young actor gained a tremendous following and the youth raved about Uday’s looks. Just a couple of films old and he attained the unprecedented stardom.

    In the year 2001, he has won the Film fare Award for the Best Actor for Telugu Film Nuvvu-Nenu and was the youngest actor after Kamal Haasan to receive the film fare Award.

    However, the success was short-lived before his career suddenly dwindled with the haunting failures. The star who had seen heights of the stardom had to experience a strong plummet at an early stage of his career. He was soon a forgotten name and was faded into oblivion. All his seamless efforts for a comeback were handicapped and his hopes to plunge back to the stardom have been dried up.

    Being chagrined with back to back flops, feeling dejected, hopeless, unable to come out of the hapless situation and being a pale shadow of himself and being ostracized by the industry he owned indisputably, the once Dream Boy of Tollywood took a fatal step by hanging himself and ended his life at a very young age of 33. The death of a successful hero like Uday Kiran shines a light on the lack of coping up with the vagaries of the showbiz.