Suresh Peters

Suresh Peters is a famous singer and music composer particularly well-known for the rap. He was one of the prominent rap singers in India during the primitive years. Suresh Peters rose to fame with “Chikubuku Chikubuku” song from “Gentleman”. He was mostly associated with his childhood friend and music director AR Rahman, their combos delivered some of the biggest chartbusters like “Urvashi Urvashi” (Premikudu), “Peterap” (Premikudu), “Chandralekha” (Donga Donga) and “Hamma Hamma” (Bombay).

Suresh Peters turned as music director and composed music for few Malayalam and Tamil films that include “Punjabi House”, “Coolie”, “Love in Singapore”, “Colours”, “Twenty 20” and “One Man Show”.