Shankar (born as Shankar Shanmugam) is an Indian film director who works in Tamil Cinema. Shankar is one unique director who knows how to embellish his work with gloss and grandeur at such a scale which still remain unimaginable by most of the filmmakers.

Though his movie’s budget goes phenomenally each time, they are not just grandeur and special-effects driven, there’s always a definite plot with a strong message. A Mechanical Engineering graduate, Shankar wanted to be an actor who later turned director. Tamil director SA Chandrasekhar after seeing some stage shows played by Shankar and his team roped Shankar in his team to assist in scriptwriting and direction.

After assisting directors like SA Chandrasekhar and Parthian for a while, Shankar made his debut as a director with “Gentleman” which turned out to be the biggest hit of that year and has become a sensation. With back to back hits, Shankar has become the biggest directors of Indian Cinema.