Sandeep Chowta

    Sandeep Chowta is an Indian music composer who attained fame globally after doing a Hollywood film “Break Away”. Sandeep was born and raised for few years in Africa and later his parents moved to Bangalore. His career as a music director began with Telugu film “Ninne Pelladatha”.

    Nagarjuna spotted him once of the restaurants in Bangalore where he was playing music. Being awe-struck by his music, Nagarjuna chased Sandeep and offered him to compose music for his home-production “Ninne Pelladatha”.The movie turned out to be the biggest hits of Nagarjuna’s career at that time and Sandeep Chowta’s music came as a breather to the audience.

    Most notable films of Sandeep Chowta in Telugu include “Ninne Pelladatha”, “Premakatha”, “Josh” and “Super”.