S J Suryah

S.J.Suryaah (S. Justin Selvaraj) is an Indian film director, writer, actor, and producer in Kollywood, the Tamil film industry. He changed his name on screen is S.J. Suryaah. He is known for his outspoken angle and broad outlook.

S.J.Suryaah was born to Pandian and Anandham in Tamil Nadu , Tirunelveli, Vasudevanallur . He has Associate in Nursing elder sister Selvi and an elder brother Victor. He studied his bachelor’s degree in BA Sociology at Loyola school, in Chennai. He made his directorial debut in Vaali with Ajith is in the lead role. S.J.Suryaah’s role model is director Vasanth.

Suryaah’s first film Vaali, with Ajith playing the lead in Tamil, was a runaway hit playing for 270 days. It had an adult theme and went off well with the audience.

Suryah followed that with the multi-lingual, Khushi which was a Brobdingnagian projection in Tamil and Telugu, however, failed to fare too well in Hindi. After a hiatus for nearly two years, he came up with another blockbuster, New in which Suryah contend the lead role except guiding and manufacturing the film. The film’s opening is thought of to be one amongst the largest in Tamil cinema in recent years, with over Rs.1.1 large integer being collected on the initial day at the box-office.

The film’s music by his friend and noted composer A. R. Rahman had created waves in the audio market. However, the movie was prohibited by the Madras High Court in August 2005, a year after it collected Brobdingnagian revenues in the box workplace. His fourth venture in Tamil as a director was “Anbe Aaruyire” which was ab initio titled “Best Friend”. Though this show wasn’t as massive a hit as Vaali,Khushi, and New, the audience enjoyed the movie as a result of its masala.