Tollywood is considered to be fortunate to have blessed with some of the best comedy artists in Telugu and one of the all-time best comedians Tollywood has ever produced is undoubtedly Relangi Venkata Ramaiah, fondly called as Relangi.

Relangi (9 August 1910 – 26 November 1975) was fascinated by the stage since his early childhood and his fetish for the drama made him join the theater company” Happy Club” and used to play female roles in the plays. Eventually, he graduated from playing male roles and his role of “Subbi Shetty” in “Chintamani” play has left a lasting impression and earned him thunderous applause from a common man to critics alike.

The success on stage show has eventually led to his foray into films with “Sreekrishna Tulabharam”. The movie turned out a debacle forcing Relangi out of work for few years. The impending stardom was waiting in the form of “Gunasundari Katha” and his role in “Pathala Bhairavi” changed his fortunes forever and has earned him superstardom on par with the leading heroes of his generation.

Some of Relangi’s best movies include “Illarikam”, “Missamma”, “Mayabazar”, “Lava Kusa”, “Shavukaru” and “Samsaram”.