Ravi Babu

Ravi Babu is the leading director, producer and actor in Telugu Cinema. He is the son of veteran actor Chalapathi Rao who has appeared in over 1200 films in his 5-decade long career. Ravi Babu was highly influenced by Hollywood movies ever since his childhood. Despite being offered a high-pay job after his MBA, Ravi Babu chose to skip it and joined as a production assistant to the ad filmmaker Rajiv Menon to pursue his dream in filmmaking.

After working with Raviv Menon for few years, he left to the USA for further courses. He returned to India after completing his course with plans to filmmaking, but he was offered the roles as an actor by the big production companies and big directors which he lapped up initially. After acting in few movies, he made debut as the director with “Allari” and introduced “Allari” Naresh to the Sliver Screen. He has produced and directed a versatile range of films with high technical values. In a decade-and-half career, Ravi Babu has acted in 75 films and has directed 12 films.