Ramana Gogula

Ramana Gogula is one of the most popular music directors in Tollywood who wooed the Telugu audience unique style and made Tollywood sing to his tunes. Passion towards music drew him since childhood and has formed his own band along with some friends and was highly influenced by Western and African music.

After finishing his IIT in Kharagpur, Ramana Gogula moved to the USA and formed a band there too. After playing in the band in the USA for a while, he released own private album Aye Laila which led to his movie offer in the form of Premante Idera. His association with Pawan Kalyan was most successful and the duo has delivered many hits like Badri, Thammudu and Johny. Ramana Gogula’s popular films include Premante Idera, Thammudu, Badra, Yogi, Annavaram and Yuvaraju.