Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma is a well-known Indian writer, the producer who predominantly works in Telugu and Hindi Cinema. During his Engineer days at Vijayawada, Varma has experienced College politics and the gang fights left the huge impact on him and used to adulate the gangsters as heroes. He used to skip the classes to watch the same movie again and again in a theater nearby the College which later left a lasting impact on him. Apart from movie buff, Ram Gopal Varma was a voracious reader. After his education, Varma has moved Africa on a job, but soon returned and approached his father who was working as a Sound Engineer at Annapurna Studios and worked as an assistant director for Collectorgari Abbayi and Rao Gari Illu movies. During that phase, he got closer to Nagarjuna and narrated Rathri story to him but Nagarjuna wasn’t impressed with the subject and asked him to come up with another subject. It was then, he recollected the days of his college, politics and the gang wars and prepared the script for Shiva. The movie was release without any hype and has taken the box office by storm creating several records turning out to be a cult-classic. The impact was so huge that the Telugu film industry was labeled as before Shiva and after Shiva. Ram Gopal Varma has become the most sought-after director whose known for his technical brilliance. The movies success made Nagarjuna much bigger star. Varma debuted into Bollywood with 1995 flick Rangeela which was a super duper hit. Ram Gopal Varma’s most popular movies include Shiva, Rangeela, Govinda Govinda, Antham, Satya and Kshana Kshanam. In 2006, Grady Hendrix of Film Comment, published by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, New York City cited Varma as “Bombay’s Most Successful Maverick” for his works on Avant-garde cinema. Varma is regarded as the fountainhead of new age Indian cinema.