Pradeep Rawat

    Pradeep Rawat is an Indian actor famous for the villanious roles in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi cinema. Pradeep Rawat was a UCO bank employee and was Television artist who appeared as “Ashwadhama” in the epic “Mahabharat” weekly serial that was aired on Doordarshan during the 90s. Though, he appeared in few movies in Hindi, the movies which brought him wide recognition are “Sarfarosh”, “Lagaan” and “Ghajini” which all 3 films had Aamir Khan in the lead role.

    His stint in Telugu is altogether different. Pradeep Rawat has become the household name in Telugu cinema with Rajamouli’s “Sye” movie. He is definitely the most ferocious villains of 2000s who can send down the shivers with his ferocious and rugged looks. The most notable films include “Sye”, “Ghajini”, “Chatrapathi” and “Bhadra”. He has won Film Fare, Nandi and Santhosham awards for best villain in “Sye”.