Parvateesam (Kerintha Nookaraju)

    Parvateesam (Kerintha Nookaraju) was a south Indian actor who primarily works in Telugu film industry. Like many emerging actors in Tollywood, definetely Parvateesam has a place in them. He made his debut with ‘Dil’ Raju’s “Kerintha” movie which made his screen name as his original name with his mesmerising performance with Srikakulam dialect. . Most of Telugu audience known him as Kerintha Nookaraju after the release of the movie. After the release of that movie he had seen in two more movies like “Rojulu Marayi” and “Nanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends.”

    He left his lucrative job in Bangalore after completing of his B.Tech to join Telugu film industry. His family shifted to Kharagpur very early in his childhood and moved to Visakhapatnam and Bangalore to complete his further education. But finally, he left the job in Bangalore.