Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (NTR)

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao fondly called as NTR is the most fanciful actors and the cult-figure, Indian Cinema has ever witnessed. NTR was born on 28th May 1923 in Nimmakuru, a village in Andhra Pradesh to a farmer’s family. As a kid, he was quite focused on studies and wanted to attain a Bachelor’s Degree. In order to overcome financial hiccups, he worked as milk boy and worked in provisional stores to support for his education and has achieved Bachelors Degree in Arts.

During his school days, NTR was highly influential by the dramas and was an active participant in stage shows and college plays that eventually led him to land in Chennai to seek the career in films. His debut movie was LV Prasad’s Manadesam in which he played a small role of a Police followed by Palletoori Pilla (1949), the first movies as one of the heroes other hero being another legendary actor Akkineni Nageshwara Rao aka ANR.

The reverberated success of the movie made the offers to plunge in. The year 1951 turned out to be the best for the legendary actor as his movie Patalabhairavi which showcased him as a folk-lore hero has witnessed the never before box-office collections and his ascension to stardom has started. Following years, NTR has given an unalloyed delight to the audience in the roles of Hindu deities Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, the epiphany was so powerful that won him veneration as a demi-god and people started worshiping his photos in the form of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.The legendary actor has played every role with great panache. He appeared in the roles of a King, thief, rebel, playboy, mythological roles, you name it and he has played every role to the perfection.

The actor has garnered huge fanbase and was instrumental in bringing commerciality to Telugu Cinema along with his contemporary actor ANR. Apart from playing the deity roles, NTR has enthralled the audience in roles negative shades like Dhuryaodhana and Ravana and brought stardom to the characters by his pragmatic approach towards the roles. With stupendous hits across all genres, NTR was anointed as the Numero Uno of Telugu Film Industry until he quit the films. The legendary actor has found the political party by name “Telugu Desam Party”. He was a great orator and people thronged in massive numbers to listen and see their matinee idol for his election campaign speech.

Within 9 months of forming the party, NTR has been anointed as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh by defeating the mighty Congress Party. After, a successful term as a CM, he won the election again in 1995 and served as CM for a short stint, before lasting his breath ailing to cardiac arrest on 18th January 1996. His younger son Balakrishna, grandsons Jr NTR, Kalyanaram and Taraka Ratna are renowned actors in Tollywood. In an illustrious career of 4 decades, NTR has delivered many memorable films, out of which few include Lavakusa, Dana Veera Soora Karna, Bhookailas, Patala Bhairavi, Adavi Ramudu, Justice Chowdary, Vetagdu, Bobbilipuli and Sardar Paparayudu.