Nagaiah alias Chittor V. Nagaiah (28-03-1904 to 30-12-1973) is a versatile actor who had command over all the 24 crafts of filmmaking and is considered as the finest method actors. He is an aficionado of Telugu cinema and also the first superstar of Telugu Cinema. He dominated the professional theatre scene in the thirties, became the star attraction of the celluloid era and went on to act in films till the seventies.

Nagaiah aka Chittoor V Nagaiah, a noted actor in pre-Independent India, is a woman who carved a niche in theatre, cinema and music and influenced a generation of artists.

The government has bestowed him with the honorary “Padmashri” (1965) award for his exemplary works to Telugu cinema and was the first Indian film star to receive the award. Nagaiah has appeared in more than 300 films including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. Few of his best works in Telugu films include Yogi Vemana, Mooganomu, Ramadasu, Mooganomu and Bobbili Yudham.