N Linguswamy

N. Linguswamy is an Indian film director, screenwriter and film producer, working primarily in Tamil cinema primarily based in Chennai. He made his directorial debut with the family drama Aanandham in 2001 and followed it up with the extremely prosperous action films Run (2002), Sandakozhi (2005), and Paiyaa (2010). He and his brother N. Subash Chandrabose have also made films through his production company, Thirupathi Brothers.

Director N.Lingusamy (born Nov14, 1968)‘s tryst with uninterrupted hits is a history back home. Hailing from a small city in southern Tamilnadu, all alone, he has swept the rough seas of life’s onerous winter Associate in Nursing has emerged as the most sought-after –after an adoring Director of the Tamil Tinsel city. His themes have proven his skillfulness as a creator of brilliance Who might attractiveness to the elite category and a multitude of a thumping mass alike.