JD Chakravarthy

JD Chakravarthy is an Indian actor, producer, and director who predominantly works in Telugu and Hindi Cinema. Born as Nagulapati Srinivasa Chakravarthy later became synonymous as JD Chakravarthy with his role as JD in his debut movie Shiva. Being a movie buff since childhood, Chakravarthy has always dreamt of being an actor but wasn’t aware of the approach. It was during the year 1989, debutant director Ram Gopal Varma was looking for new faces for his directorial debut Shiva.

Uttej who was working as an assistant director, happens to be a good friend of Chakravarthy has informed him about the same. With the information by Uttej, Chakravarthy attended the screen test but was failed in the screen test. But, to his surprise, Ram Gopal Varma selected him on seeing the intensity in his eyes. The movie’s success historicized the Telugu Cinema and made JD as the moniker to Chakravarthy. After playing the baddie in few movies, JD Chakravarthy turned hero in Tollywood and after the successful stint in Telugu Cinema, he felt it’s time to present himself on a bigger canvas and entered into Bollywood with the superhit movie Satya. He later turned director and directed some movies. Most popular movies of JD Chakravarthy include Shiva, One by Two, Bombayi Priyudu, Egire Pavurama, Satya, Money, Money Money, Neti Sidhartha, Prema Khaidi, Siddham, Homam, and Gulabi.