Havish is the latest entrant to the tinsel-town primarily working in Telugu Cinema. He is the grandson of Koneru Lakshmaiah – founder of the educational institute KL University. After completing the formal education in the USA, he returned to India to take up his family business.

One of his dad’s friend advised him to be an actor and he would produce the film. Havish was reluctant but on his father’s advise, he enrolled in the film institute to learn the nuances in acting. After he was ready to take up the role, the man who promised to produce the film changed his decision and by the time the film bug has already bit him and went on to give auditions for various banners.

Actor-Director Ravi Babu who was making Nuvvila selected him for one of the leads. The movie did a decent business at the BO, followed by Genius and Ramleela.