Haranath (born as Venkata Appala Haranath Raju Buddharaju) was a popular romantic Hero of the 70s of Telugu Cinema. Haranath was an active participant in stages shows and dramas during his college days and has won several prizes. After completing his BA, he was aiming to get into Pilot training, but destiny has chosen something else.

The handsome hero was spotted by the actor, director, producer Mukkamala Krishna Murthy while he was at Bus Stop in Chennai. Being impressed by his looks and personality, the director signed him as hero for the film Rishyasringa, but it was Maa Inti Mahalaxmi that got released first. He was considered as the best hero after NTR and ANR, Haranath’s and Jamuna’s pair was a huge hit during that period.

Haranath’s last film was Naagu starring Chiranjeevi in 1984. He produced 1 movie Maa inti Devatha (1981). The veteran actor was survived by son Srinivas Buddharaju a film producer and a daughter Padmaja, who is married to Telugu film producer G. V. G. Raju. Some of Haranath’s popular movies include Gundamma Katha, Naadi Aada Janme, Amarsilpi Jakanna, Chitti Chellelu, Bhakta Prahlada, Letha Manasulu and Sukha Dukhalu.