Chandra Siddhartha

Chandra Siddhartha is an Indian movie director who predominantly works in Telugu cinema. Chandra Siddhartha started the career as an assistant director to Upplapati Narayana Rao for the movie “Jaithrayathra”. He made his directorial debut with the English movie “The inscrutable Americans” which garnered him wider appreciation.

The director who believes everyone of us are influenced by the Society around us and it’s our responsibility to pay back to the society in our own way and as his part, Chandra Sidharth thought to make movies like “Aa Naluguru” and “Andhari Bandhuvaiah” that garnered him the State Nandi Awards for their preachy social theme.

Chandra Sidharth’s popular movies include “Ala Ela”, “Idi Sangathi” and “Emo Gurramu Eguravachu”.