Chakravarthy (Appa Rao)

Chakravarthi born as Kommineni Appa Rao was the highly influential music directors of Telugu Cinema during the 70s and 80s who composed music for over 900 movies.

Chakravarthy was considered as one of the busiest music directors of his time. In the year 1989, a total of 95 films got released and out which music for 66 films was composed by Chakravarthy alone and that shows how patriarchaial influence he left on the Telugu Cinema. He was a multi-faceted personality who was a singer, dubbing artist, lyricist and an actor apart from music director, he has dubbed voice for over 600 films.

Chakravarthy was instrumental in bringing the fast beat numbers to Telugu films and had the uncanny knack of attracting both class and mass audience with his kind of music.

Chakravarthy debuted as music director with “Mooga Prema” and few of his most popular movies include “Yamagola”, “Mallepoovu”, “Vetagadu”, “Premabhishekam”, “Khaidi”, “Pasivadi Pranam”, “Neti Bharatam” and “Jebudonga”.

The music director who ruled the Tollywood for over 2 decades, Chakravarthy breathed his last breath on 3rd February 2002. Chakravarthy had a son Sri Kommineni, he too was a music director with a moderate success but, unfortunately, he too died ailing to health issues.