Bhaskar (Bhaskaran Natarajan)

Bhaskar (born as Bhaskaran Natarajan) popularly known as “Bommarillu” Bhaskar is an Indian movie director quite popular in Telugu films. Bhaskar started his career as an associate director under Dil Raju’s camp and worked for movies like “Arya” and “Bhadra”.

Soon, his talent got recognized and was offered to direct the blockbuster hit “Bommarillu” which won him the Nandi Award for the best director and best original screenplay. His next movie “Parugu” with Allu Arjun was a decent hit but the subsequent movies “Orange” and “Ongole Gitta” turned out to be colossal failures.

Bhaskar’s upcoming project is “Bangalore Naatkal”, a remake to Malayalam super hit movie “Bangalore Days”.