Arjun (Srinivasa Sarja)

Arjun (born as Srinivasa Sarja) is an Indian actor, director and producer popularly known in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu cinema. Arjun is born to the popular Kannada actor Shakti Prasad. Arjun was the first of his generation heroes who holds Black belt in Karate, being highly influenced by Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon” movie, Arjun enrolled himself in Karate and hold the Black belt in Karate.

Arjun began his career as a teenage actor in Kannada movie “Simhada Mari Sainya” and eventually, that led to his foray into Telugu films with Kodi Ramakrishna’s super hit “Maa Pallelo Gopaludu” which made Arjun, a household name in Telugu. A veteran of 130 films, Arjun has delivered some of the biggest blockbusters like “Gentleman”, “Oke Okkadu”, “Hanuman Junction” and “Jaihind”. He is fondly called as “Action King” and without a reason, he lived up to the title with his breath taking stunts in films.