AR Rahman (Allah Rakha Rahman)

A(Allah) R(Rakha) Rahman is an Indian music director and is an epitome of Indian music who has revolutionized it at an International level. Rahman’s music has captivated the music lovers across all generations and his fan base cuts across the continents.

AR Rahman was born in a Hindu family as Dileep Kumar, his father AR Sekhar was a music composer who worked for Tamil and Malayalam films. Being born in a musician’s family and assisting his father in studios, interest for music got imbibed at an early age to him. When everything seems to be on the smoother ride, his father’s untimely death had left the family left in doldrums forcing AR Rahman to quit his studies. Their family survived by lending the musical instruments on rent.

AR Rahman to help his family financially joined as an apprentice under the tutelage of music directors like MS Vishwanathan, Ilayaraja, Ramesh Naidu and Raj-Koti. After gaining enough experience, Rahman started composing jingles for Doordarshan ad commercials. In the year 1989, his sister has fallen ill and had slim chances of being recovered and the family had no hopes, but the destiny has something stored in for them, an advice came as a blessing in disguise for them. As per the advice, the family got converted to Islam and his sister had a miraculous escape from death. Thus, Dileep Kumar has become Allah Rakha Rahman.

While receiving an award for his jingles for “Allwyn” watches the advertisement, ace director Maniratnam spotted him later listened to his works, was struck in awe of Rahman’s work, and picked Rahman for his next movie Roja. Rahman with his never-heard-before music has serenaded the entire nation and everyone was in awe of the new-born sensation.

Ever since his debut, Rahman’s career grew in leaps and bounds, his popularity spread across the globe making him the most influential persons and the first Indian film personality to win the all-prestigious “Oscar Award” for Slumdog Millionaire movie. He has won 2 Oscars, 2 Grammys, BAFTA, Golden Globe Awards apart from several awards. From a boy of the modest beginning to the tour de force of music, the self-evasive Rahman’s life has been a surreal dream. Few of Rahman’s most popular works include Roja, Bombay, Rakshakudu, Muthu, Robo, Bharateeyudu, Premikudu, Donga Donga, Gentleman, Oke Okkadu and Sakhi.