Karunakaran A

A Karunakaran is an Indian film-maker who predominantly works in Telugu Cinema. Karunakaran is best-known for his love stories with an underlying message. All his movies are simple, beautiful and poetic in approach and he is a specialist in showcasing the heroines beautifully and aesthetically in movies.

Karunakaran has developed passion towards movies since his school days and used to imitate all the actors including his favorite Sivaji Ganesh in the street shows. He wanted to enter into films after 10th standard, has to postpone till he completed the Polytechnic on their parents advice.

Karunakaran started his career as an assistant director to K Bhagyaraja, Shankar and several other directors for few years, before making his directorial debut with Pawan Kalyan’s youthful lovestory “Tholiprema” which made Pawan Kalyan the star hero overnight and garnered him a wider fan base. Karunakaran’s popular movies include “Tholiprema”, “Balu”, “Vasu”, “Yendukante Premanta” and “Ullasanga Utshahanga”.